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Comfortable Retirement Lifestyle

Comfortable Retirement Lifestyle

Picture of money. For a comfortable lifestyle, how much would you need?Money – How much will you need for a comfortable retirement lifestyle?

What are your retirement goals?

Chances are that you have your own interpretation of what constitutes a “comfortable retirement lifestyle”. However, this shouldn’t be a point of concern for you as most other folk have their own interpretation too!

Suffice to say, this is usually as a consequence of the lifestyle that you are already accustomed to. Also, it is dependent  upon your financial capacity.

Here are September 2021 figures from the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia. Fundamentally, they pertain to individuals and couples, around age 65, who are looking to retire today. As such, they estimate what annual budget would be required to fund a comfortable retirement lifestyle, versus a modest one. Bear in mind that your version may be quite different to theirs.

ASFA figures are based on the assumption people own their home outright and are relatively healthy. Given that factor, check out the suggested annual budgets below:Comfortable Retirement Lifestyle - ASFA Comfortable Standard Infographic June 2023

Whatever your version of a comfortable retirement lifestyle is, your Wealth-IQ adviser will work with you closely. Consequently, this will help to ensure that your retirement goals are financially realistic, practical, attainable and sustainable. Naturally, this will all depend on your overall financial status and health and well-being position.

So, to get started on planning your retirement goal, please contact us: