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Risk Tolerance


BEFORE you undertake any wealth strategy, it is imperative that the strategy decided upon by you conforms with your tolerance for risk.

The reason for this is simple – we call it the “sleep factor“. Namely, once your strategy is in place, you will want to feel totally comfortable with your decision and not lose any sleep over it!

For instance, the graphic here should start the process of helping you understand what is meant by “Risk Tolerance“. That is – “What level of risk are you at ease with to achieve the desired return on your investment?”

Risk ToleranceTo help you define your risk tolerance level and establish your Risk Profile, the form on the following link – Wealth IQ Risk Profile Extract will act as a guide for you.

Please bear in mind that there are many other factors, unique to you, that must be taken into account for the development of the right wealth strategy for you. As such, please refer back to the Wealth Strategies page for more detailed information on these.

Also, please remember that our Wealth-IQ financial planner and wealth strategist is there to help you through the whole process. A short video here explains further.

In short, our financial planning solutions, service and advice are tailored to meet your specific personal or business needs. Hence, your Risk Profile is always accounted for as well.

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